Your prom questions answered

                          **We do not sell the same style gown in the same color to the same event! 

Q: Is what you have in-store the extent to your prom selection?

             A: No! Every year we select different gowns in a variation of sizes but we do have catalogs that contain even more gowns which can be ordered beyond our selection!

Q: What do I do if I find a dress I like but you do not carry it in my size?

             A: No problem! We measure you in-store and we order the gown of your choice in your specific size.

Q: Must I pay for my dress in full?

             A: We have a lay away system and we require 50% of the total cost of your gown to be put down when ordering and we will accept payments until the dress is paid off in full up to a month after the original purchase date. [The dress must be completely paid for BEFORE it is allowed to be taken from the boutique and the dress must be completely paid for BEFORE our in-house seamstress will alter the gown.]

Q: Do you have someone who can alter the gowns?

           A: Yes! We have an amazing in-house seamstress who can alter the dress to your liking! Her information can be found at our front desk!  

 *Alterations are a separate charge!  

*Dress must be fully paid for!

Q: Do I need to make an appointment to shop your prom collections?

           A: No appointment necessary! We encourage everyone to come in and shop anytime during our normal business hours!  


Q: What payments do you accept?

            A: Credit/ Debit cards (NO AMEX), Cash, and Check!

Q: Can we purchase a gown off of the rack? Is it cheaper?

             A: All gowns in-store are available for purchase! Buying off of the rack is not cheaper. Our gowns are the same price within the store as they are when they are special ordered.     


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